At CMM, we believe that our people are our most valuable assets. We strive to create an open, safe and dynamic work environment, where all our team members are able to contribute meaningfully and be heard. Led by an experienced and multi-faceted management team, we are constantly working to enhance the journey and experience of our employees, partners and customers.

Eddy Kwok

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Chairman

Eddy Kwok is the Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chairman of CMM Global Group.

In 1997, after graduation, Eddy took over his family business and leveraged it as a base to build various lines of business offering home furnishing products and building materials. His business expanded rapidly and, in 2002, he acquired CMM Global, a German company, and relocated the main office to Singapore.

Since then, Eddy has grown the Group to where it is today — a conglomerate of more than 30 companies in eight countries, covering more than 20 markets, with an annual turnover in excess of US$500 million.

Sharon Goh
Chief Financial Officer

Sharon Goh, the Chief Financial Officer of CMM Global Group, has been with the Group for 18 years.

After graduating with an accountancy degree, Sharon spent two years doing audit work with a consultancy firm before joining a public-listed property development company as its accounting manager for three years. She joined the Group in 2003, when it was operating as a two-company set-up, taking care of all internal management matters, including finance and accounting, administration, operations, and human resources.

Sharon now takes care of all finance-related matters for a vastly expanded global group of more than 30 companies with more than 2,000 employees on the Group’s payroll.

Christine Lee
Chief Operating Officer

Christine Lee, the Chief Operating Officer of CMM Global Group, has been with the Group for more than 13 years.

Prior to joining the group in 2007, Christine had a 17-year stint in a public-listed company, working as an Operations Manager for its trading business. An experienced hand at risk and process management, she is a trusted aid to Eddy, and has led teams in conducting pre-and-post-acquisition activities for many targeted companies as the Group expanded its businesses in Singapore and the region.

Through that, she has acquired in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of the Group, putting in the necessary controls and processes to manage its risks.

Ang Chee Leong
Chief Strategy Officer

Ang Chee Leong, the Chief Strategy Officer of CMM Global Group, has been with the Group for more than eight years.

Chee Leong graduated with a degree in banking and has more than 20 years of experience in banking and finance, specialising in channel and segment management. He was formerly employed by the OCBC Group, and held a range of senior positions with responsibilities across Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Chee Leong joined the Group in 2013, first setting up the Group’s e-commerce operations in Indonesia before returning to Singapore in 2015 to assist with the Group’s operations. His main role is to support the planning and execution of the Group’s strategic direction.

Sonosuke Ishiwata

Sonosuke Ishiwata, the Chief Product Officer of CMM Global Group, has been with the Group for five years.

Prior to joining the Group, Ishiwata had an enriching 20-year product development career with Yamazen Corporation, one of the world’s largest trading company in production equipment and consumer goods. In 2007, he was seconded by Yamazen to Malaysia, taking up the appointment of Director, Home Products.

Ishiwata joined CMM Global Group in 2016 to head its research and development arm. To date, he has developed more than 2,500 SKUs, procuring from production facilities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan and China, for exporting to USA, UK and Japan.

Jennifer Ng
Chief Marketing Officer

Jennifer Ng is the Chief Marketing Officer of CMM Global Group. She has been with the group for more than 12 years and is also the Co-founder of Carera Bathroom Pte Ltd and Jentec Pte Ltd.

Prior to joining the Group, Jennifer was the Managing Director for Singapore in one of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers in the world. She is certified as a Chartered Marketer (CIM) and has expansive knowledge and experience of the building material industry.

In 2009, she joined CMM Group as the Managing Director of Carera Bathroom. She currently manages three affiliated companies, and is also responsible for setting the marketing direction and strategies for the group.

CMM global Group John Lim Meng Sai
John Lim Meng Sai
Chief Business Development Officer

John Lim Meng Sai is the Chief Business Development Officer of CMM Global Group, and has been with the Group for more than 12 years. He is also Co-founder and Managing Director of Weavepact Pte Ltd (since 2001) and Weavepact & Associates Pte Ltd (since 2011).

John was General Manager of a company that was part of a global holding group, which is listed on the main board of Singapore’s stock exchange. He founded Weavepact Pte Ltd in 2001 and Weavepact Sdn Bhd in 2005 as regional distributors and stockists of some world-renowned brands of contract upholstery materials. 

In charge of the business development for the Group, he was instrumental in forging a strategic alliance with a leading company that has expertise in sanitaryware, carpentry and joinery.

David Chang
Chief Project Officer

David Chang is the Chief Project Officer of CMM Global Group, and has been with the Group for more than 10 years. He is also Co-Founder of Pace Pte Ltd.

When David joined the Group in 2011, he brought along more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry, where he held a senior management role in an interior fit-out firm. He specialises in the residential, hospitality and commercial sectors. 

With his extensive experience, David oversees all Group projects, including construction-related matters.