The Group

The world is constantly changing; how the world consumes is constantly evolving as well. Vertically integrating our businesses has always been our focus from the beginning. And in today’s economy, having prudent diversification across different industries, distribution channels, and target segments is critical as well. Over the past two decades, we have expanded our Group’s expertise beyond textile goods to furniture, sanitaryware, real estate and more, with clearly defined strategies across multiple channels serving different customer segments.


With the changing world, we understand that we have to change our way of doing business as well. Management has always believed in innovation and creating products and services that benefit our customers. 

Our companies saw the growth in e-commerce and wanted to be independent in order to pass on more savings to our customers. This was the main drive as we create our own online platforms in the markets. We maintain the same efficiency and effectiveness in our services and we are excited to see the progress that we have achieved. In 2018, more and more projects will be launched to accommodate our online customers.

Customer review satisfaction feedback survey concept. User give rating to service experience on online application. Customer can evaluate quality of service leading to reputation ranking of business.
Real Estate Investment

As a natural extension of being in the interior building business, we have, since 2005, been leveraging on our expertise to identify and invest in several residential and commercial projects that have yielded impressive returns for the Group and our partners. Given the volatility of the global economy, we will continue to pursue such opportunities prudently.